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Non Private Glass

These glass types are diffused from a distance but are very clear when standing in front of the door.


Clear Baroque

Water glass

Private Glass

These glass types will give you a "shadow only" privacy.  This means that someone who comes to the door will see a shadow and you will see a shadow but they cannot see directly through this glass.

If privacy is an issue, please let us know so we can advise you on the best designs and glass types.



Glue Chip

Large Reed

Small Reed

 These glass types are used as accents in some of our designs such as the Crystal and the Picasso. Accent Glass


 Grey Baroque





Glass Door Inserts We hand make our beveled glass inserts in the same traditional way they’ve been made for hundreds of years. Each insert is custom made to fit your particular situation. This product stands the test of time! All of our inserts are made locally in the USA. Our designer has chosen specific glass types to compliment each design. Some glass types are interchangeable so if you like a design but would like to change the background glass, just ask what glass types are available. Windows, sidelites, transoms, and even cabinet doors can be made to compliment your beveled glass inserts. Wrought Iron Look Discount Door Inserts is proud to introduce our Exclusive Wrought Iron Look. We cut our beautiful designs from a high quality vinyl product. It is then applied between two pieces of tempered safety glass. Because our designs are cut by a computer generated machine, we have a look that is extremely difficult if not impossible for even the most skilled wrought iron craftsman to achieve.
  • Your doors never leave your home
  • Sidelites,Windows and Transoms to match all designs
  • New Doors available
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Your doors will be the first and last thing visitors will see when visiting your home
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